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NOTE: While we have other training trips planned, they are all uncertain because of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Please pray for healing and a cure and for the many that have been affected by this virus.

Please Pray For These Events, Since They Are All Tentative Because of the Ongoing Pandemic. 

Pray for the People of these countries who have been hit very hard with the lockdowns and cases

Pray for tentaive Trips to the DRC and Myanmar! Covid and war has put a damper on travelling to those countires! Please be in prayer for them!




Aug 22 -

Sept 10

Ai has been asked to help assist a Turkish pastor for a few weeks with training his leadership and some preaching. Pray for this trip, since it too is tentative due to Covid-19 in the country.

Great Trip to Amman Jordan Serving Syrian Refugees
Ai went to Amman in July to serve refugees with the Alliance Church in Al Mafraq, and we were more blessed than the blessings we gave them!


November 17-21


December TBA

Lord willing, Ai is travelling to Lahore Pakistan in December to train pastors and church planters in Hermeneutics!

Lord willing, Ai is travelling to the Massai Mera Region of Kenya to train Pastor's and their wives at the 3rd annual Pastor's Conference