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NOTE: While we have other training trips planned, they are all uncertain because of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Please pray for healing and a cure and for the many that have been affected by this virus.

Please Pray For These Events, Since They Are All Tentative Because of the Ongoing Pandemic. 

Pray for the People of these countries who have been hit very hard with the lockdowns


July 11 -

July 26

Ai will be taking 8 people to Jordan to work with the Alliance Church in Al Mafraq who work closely with Syrian refugees!  This is all tentative of course, based on Covid-19 restrictions at the time. Please pray for this trip!

Ai is also in the planning phases for potential trips to the DRC and Kenya in November and Pakistan in December



Canceled Ecuador trip: We were set to travel to Ecuador for two weeks to teach Old Testament Survey, but that trip was canceled for the second time this year due to Covid-19 restrictions. We're pretty bummed, but we still may able to go to Ecuador in the fall. Please pray for Ecuador!



Ai has been asked to help assist a Turkish pastor for a few weeks with training his leadership and some preaching. Pray for this trip, since it too is tentative due to Covid-19 in the country.